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Lookups (Header Fields) Definitions and Uses

  • Control Points: point of inspection, which point in the supply chain is the inspection being taken?

  • Facilities: locations where product is packed, stored, and/or shipped.

  • Commodities: list of produce types that you will inspect.

  • Variety Groups: varieties grouped together by type

  • Varieties: names of specific commodity types

  • Product Pack Styles: styles/types of packaging

  • Product Pack Style + Sizes: combination of each style of packaging + each size

  • Product Labels: potential names/brands used to market/package produce

  • Product Grades: specific titles given to various levels of product quality

  • Lot Numbers: numbers that identify packing, grower, and field information

  • Growers: names of farmers/companies supplying produce for sell

  • Grower Blocks: specific locations of grower fields (Grower + Variety)

  • Crews: name/identification of picking personnel responsible for harvest

  • Vendors: providers of produce

  • Customers: buyers of produce

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