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Specs Definitions and Uses

  • Boolean: simple yes/no response, used for compliance questions primarily

  • Decimal: spec requiring decimal, you can determine number of decimal places, used for recording data where extreme precision and/or small numbers make a difference

  • List: create a list of responses (for example: Good, Fair, Poor appearance), used for any measurement that has a limited number of choices (Score, Color, etc.)

  • Integer: spec requiring a whole number, used for general counts

  • Percent: spec requiring percent response, used primarily for color percentage

  • Score: list including a number to indicate scoring

  • Temperature: spec requiring a temperature reading. You determine number of decimal places and scale (Fahrenheit or Celsius).

  • Text: alphanumeric field (letters and numbers)

  • Weight: spec requiring unit of measurement. You determine number of decimal places and unit of measurement.

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