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There are 3 types of users: Admin, Inspector, Read-Only. 
  1. Admin users have access to everything in Lotpath Quality. They can create/edit Inspection Plans and Inspection Data Views. They can add/delete Specs, Defects, and Lookups/User Defined Fields. 
  2. Inspector users can only take inspections and view Inventory Data Views. They cannot create/edit or add/delete. 
  3. Read-Only users are created by not clicking the Admin or Inspector boxes on the User page. They can view inspections on the Dashboard and use Inspection Data Views to view inspections. 

To add new Users, 
  1. Click on the Settings Gear, then click “Users.”

  2. Type in Email, Password, First Name, Last Name for the new user.

  3. Click the Admin box for any user you want to be able to create/edit within Quality.

  4. Click the Inspector box for any user you want to only take inspections.

  5. Click neither Admin nor Inspector for any user you want to view only.

  6. Click “Submit” in the lower-left of the window.

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