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API Url Documentation

API Urls can be found for each Inspection Plan and Data View.

An API Url is provided for each Inspection Data View or Inspection Plan. An "API Url" button is located to the right of every Inspection Data View on the Inspection Data View management screen.

If an Inspection Plan or Data View has no data, the query with return nothing. 

When an API Url request yields no results, no response is sent from the server.

The API Url looks similar to this: 12:00:00 AM&to=10/5/2016 12:00:00 AM

You can optionally modify the parameters to alter the retrieved data.

*id: The id of the data view from which you desire to retrieve data.
*accountId: Your account id.
*apiKey: The api key for your account.
*cropYear: The crop year for which to select data.
*from: The start of the inspection date range filter.
*to: The end of the inspection date range filter. Date range maximum is 31 days.
includeBlankColumns: Include columns where all values are blank. Valid values are true or false.
includeQualifiers: Include symbols like degrees (°) and percents (%). Valid values are true or false.
excludeHeader: Exclude the header row. Valid values are true or false.

These instructions are also provided with the API Url for the Inspection Data View. Account Id and APIKey are accessible on the Account Management screen, accessible from the "Settings Gear" icon in the top-right corner of the window.

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