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Defects & Defect Groups

Defect Groups are divided into Serious and Non-serious Defects. This is only a grouping mechanism. Most companies consider certain defects as serious. For example, decay is a serious defect in almost every situation, while bruising may or may not be considered serious.

To add defects to either Serious or Non-Serious Defects in an Inspection Plan, click “Add” to the right of each defect or drag and drop from “Available Defects” list on the right half of the window. You can move defects from Serious to Non-Serious or vice versa by dragging and dropping from the “Selected Fields” list on the left half of the window.

To add new defects that aren’t listed, click on the Settings Gear, then click “Defects.” Click “New Defect” to add a defect. The Defects Page contains a list of all defects available for use in any commodity.

Each defect must then be added to a Defect Group in order to be used in an Inspection Plan.

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