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How do I install the Lotpath Pipeline?

Software Prerequisites:

§  .NET Framework 4.0 (see this link for server requirements: )

§  Oracle ODAC Full Install (32 or 64 bit based on the architecture of the server where you will install the Pipeline - see below for links). Note: make sure you do a Full Install of All components.  The installation command should be in the format "install.bat all c:\oracle odac" (without the quotations).  See the readme.txt file once you download the appropriate ODAC for more information.


Oracle ODAC Options

§  64 Bit Oracle ODAC -

§  32 Bit Oracle ODAC -


The Lotpath Pipeline Windows Service Installer is available for download from the following URL:


You will need to unzip the "msi" installer from this zip file, and then execute it on the server where you want the PipelineWindows Service to run.  Note: this does not need to be the same server on which you host Famous, though it will need network access to that server.

  • It is required that you install the Pipeline on a computer which has the Famous Client installed.
  • You may be required to "Unblock" the downloaded executeable prior to installation. Right click on the file after you have downloaded it and select "Properties" and click "Unblock" if the button is available.
  • It is required that you install the Pipeline as an Administrator or it will fail to install.


The installation process will ask you for some information in two categories:

§  Lotpath Api Credentials (Account Id and Api Key - these are available in your Lotpath Quality account, click on your email address, select Settings and then select Account)

§  Famous Database Credentials (Server/Host NameTCP PortUser Name and Password)

§  Installation Location - We recommend that you install using the default installation folder.

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