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Navigating Lotpath Quality (Video)

Topics covered, in order of appearance
  1. Dashboard Tab

    • Filtering by Lookup Data, Email reports from dashboard, Export to CSV, view Charts, & view inspection Data Views

  2. Inspections Tab

    • Filter by Lookup Data, Add Photos, View, Edit & Delete Inspections, and Inspect

  3. User Button

    • Change your name or password, add contacts for emailing reports, and log out

  4. Secondary Account Selector

    • Switches between accounts

  5. Crop Year Selector

    • Switch between crop years

  6. Settings Gear

    • Edit all elements of Inspection Plan/Data Views

  7. Help Button

    • Access to the Knowledge Base and Contact Support form

    If you have any questions, or would like a personal web-based demonstration, click the
    help button and contact support, or shoot an email to

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