How do I send inspections in an email?

Currently there are two methods to sending emails.
  1. If you are using Google Chrome (which we highly recommend), you can follow the steps here to save the Inspection in a PDF format to your computer and take the PDF, attach it to any email program you use, and send it off to anywhere you want. The PDF generated, will be the same to whoever views it.  This is also a way to view the Inspection (as a PDF) before you send it to anyone.

  2. The second method to email inspection data, you go to the web app but not to the inspection. Instead, you go to the dashboard page and look at a data view that has the data you want to share.  Then you click the desired row or rows and then click "send email."  You'll get a new pop-up window to send to email contacts and also to select pictures from applicable inspections. 
There is currently no way to send an email directly from the iPad. 

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